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Custom Wavefront Lasik
​​​​​​​to the Unique Shape of Your Eye

Custom Wavefront Lasik

Columbus Laser and Vision Institute now offers custom Wavefront Optimized Lasik eye surgery that allows Dr. Columbus to personalize any Lasik procedure to the patient and the unique shape of their eyes.

It involves taking a picture of your eye to to personalize the laser treatment to your specific eye shape. Any corrective eye surgery comes with risks and potential benefits, but Lasik Custom Wavefront Optimized surgery offers a better approach compared to older laser technology and traditional Lasik procedures. This is one of the most technologically advanced Lasik surgery options available for Pennsylvania residents.

Are You a Candidate for Custom Lasik with Wavefront Optimized Technology?

People who need or want corrective eye surgery expect significant results that allow them to get rid of their eyeglasses and contacts.

Custom Wavefront Optimized Lasik is just what Dr. Columbus prescribes for people who are looking for exceptional results. This kind of Lasik surgery provides patients with more customized results than our traditional Lasik because it combines the use of strategic eye mapping technologies that accommodate the unique eye shape of every individual. Because Dr. Columbus uses cutting-edge equipment and tools, his patients often have fewer complications and a faster recovery time compared to people who undergo laser eye surgery with older lasers and equipment. All Lasik surgery comes with risks, but this Lasik procedure is much easier on the cornea and more personalized to the individual for superior results.

Custom Lasik Wavefront Optimized Eye Surgery

This method of Lasik eye surgery is similar to regular Wavefront Optimized Lasik surgery with one big difference. Custom Wavefront Lasik uses an analyzer that maps the shape of the eye and the position of the cornea in relation to the pupil. The laser uses this information to map the curve of the eye to find the exact level that will provide the best refraction of light to optimize the Lasik surgery results. This shape is unique; much like a fingerprint of the eye. The information allows Dr. Columbus to give patients a procedure that is 75% more accurate than Traditional Lasik. The customized process provides critical information about finer details of the eye.

Columbus Laser & Vision Institute - Lasik Eye Surgery

Dr. Columbus and his staff go above and beyond for their Philadelphia, Scranton, Harrisburg, Wilkes-Barre, and Lancaster, PA patients. His reputation as a leading Lasik Wavefront surgeon is exceptional because he has experience performing more than 20,000 laser eye surgery corrections since 1996. For more information, you can reach one of our professional experts by calling 866-600-3937 today.