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Enjoy Freedom from Glasses & Contacts Today!

Today MILLIONS of Americans today NOW ENJOY CLEARER Vision with laser vision correction. Imagine NO MORE blur seeing the alarm clock in the morning! Wouldn't it be better if you could take off your contacts for swimming and glasses for activities? These are the VERY REACTIONS our patients say to us EVERYDAY! It is a “LIFESTYLE CHANGER” for many people dependent on visual aides.

At the Columbus Laser & Vision Institute, we provide premier quality LASIK at AFFORDABLE Pricing! We offer an AFFORDABLE ALL INCLUSIVE PRICE, unlike other LASIK centers that CHARGE MUTIPLE PRICES based on your LEVEL OF PRESCRIPTION!

Our LASIK Fees Includes EVERYTHING from your consultation, procedure & enhancements within the first year, and post-operative exams. There are no hidden costs or fees!

We also have VERY AFFORDABLE Financing Plans AS LOW AS $1-$2 a DAY that is BEST for your budget!

At the Columbus Lasik vision Institute, our EXPERIENCED SURGEON, Dr. William Columbus, has performed over 20,000 SUCCESSFUL Laser Vision Correction Procedures since FDA approval in 1996!

Our offices are outfitted with STATE-OF-THE-ART LASER TECHNOLOGIES and technically SKILLED Staff who are friendly and helpful.

In less than 8 minutes with the LASIK procedure completed, one can see clearly just the VERY NEXT DAY to resume their activities and work!

Lasik eye surgery reviews from our patients have included things like “HIGH DEFINITION”, AMAZINGLY UNBELIEVABLE and NO MORE  glasses or contact lenses! Our clients are VERY ECSTATIC & NOW ENJOY  their NEW & CLEAR vision! Dr. Columbus was chosen the ‘2015 Parent's Choice Award Winner as well as ‘Metropolitan Who's Who’ among Doctors, & won the ‘Most Compassionate Doctors Award’.

Our motto Is, "Not just good results some of the time, but EXCELLENT RESULTS all the time for EVERY Single patient and EVERY Single eye!”

This is where our surgeon’s EXPERIENCE & KNOWLEDGE in laser vision correction makes the DIFFERENCE for ALL our patients.

We will provide you with a comprehensive exam to determine your candidacy for your vision correction. Our Doctors will answer all your questions and recommend the best procedure for you.

To schedule your Consultation with one of our doctors today, Call 1-866-600-3937 or APPLY ONLINE HERE TODAY. It's that EASY!

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