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Columbus Laser Vision is dedicated to providing you with the newest innovations in Lasik eye surgery in a streamlined process. Our specially trained staff are experts at what they do because we have been serving the Harrisburg, Wilkes-Barre, and Philadelphia communities since 1996.

Why Choose Us

Dr. Columbus is an award-winning physician who has performed more than 20,000 procedures in his tenure. Most people are back to their regular routines within a day or two because the healing time for laser procedures is much less than for traditional surgery methods. Our Lasik options are high tech & cutting edge treatments in an entirely inclusive package designed to give you the vision you want.

"Dr. Columbus performed Wavefront PRK on my eyes, and I could not be happier with my vision. I have better than perfect (20/15) vision. Sometimes as I drive, I marvel at how crisp and clear it is. Even at night my glare was reduced after surgery, and it makes driving at night so much better. Thank you for a job well done Dr. Columbus!"

~ Alesha Bower, Laser Vision Coordinator

“I entrusted my eyes only to my son, Dr Columbus, as he has vast experience in laser vision correction over 20 years. He also has done 20 of his family members with excellent results. Before I used trifocals and was 100% dependent on glasses. Now I use no glasses and can see clearly for far and near. I no longer use glasses thankful to my son!”

~ Frances Columbus

“When LASIK came out I had friends that did the surgery. I tried to see if I was a candidate but my eyesight and astigmatism was so bad that they did not have the technology to deal with the severity of my issues. I received an email from Dr. Columbus and thought I’d try again to see if I was a candidate. I was able to do PRK with the laser. It took about a week for the vision to come in but it was worth the wait!!! Dr. Columbus gave me the gift of sight!”

~ Georgine Meyers

“Dr. Columbus and his associates did a wonderful job! I was greeted with a friendly face and was explained thoroughly about the steps that would be completed during my surgery. Everything went very quickly and I was done before I knew it! I am very happy that I chose Dr. Columbus to do my surgery as he was very patient and understanding of all of my questions to him.”

~ Stacy Trout

Our Advanced LASIK Technology

At Perfection Lasers, we continually invest in the latest technology for all of our laser eye surgery procedures

Traditional Lasik

Traditional Lasik surgery can alleviate astigmatism, nearsightedness or myopia, and farsightedness or hyperopia. A laser eye surgery is just the thing for people who want to get rid of wearing eyeglasses or contacts. People who are interested in Lasik surgery will find that there are many benefits and very few disadvantages. Complications are rare with a Traditional Lasik procedure with less than 2-5% of people suffering from side effects. Lasik stands for laser-assisted in-situ keratomileusis.

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Wavefront Lasik

Wavefront Optimized Lasik involves a more detailed procedure where Dr. Columbus can save the curve of the cornea to provide clearer eyesight afterward. Another personalized treatment called Custom Wavefront Optimized Lasik allows the doctor to customize the details of the surgical process to an even finer degree for exceptional results. This type of surgery is not available from any other provider in the state. Wavefront Optimized technology gives 20/20 vision to about 95% of patients.

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Custom Wavefront Lasik

Custom Wavefront Lasik allows Dr. Columbus to personalize any Lasik procedure to the patient and the unique shape of their eyes. This method of Lasik eye surgery is similar to regular Wavefront Optimized Lasik surgery with one big difference. Custom Wavefront Lasik uses an analyzer that maps the shape of the eye and the position of the cornea in relation to the pupil. The laser uses this information to map the curve of the eye to find the exact level that will provide the best refraction of light to optimize the Lasik surgery results.

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Corrective eye surgery for vision problems like hyperopia, astigmatism, and myopia require an outpatient Lasik procedure called PRK for photorefractive keratectomy. PRK surgery gives patient’s permanent results with no need for any glasses or contact lenses. As a minimally invasive therapy, PRK eye surgery patients are usually back to their regular schedules within a few days. This procedure is perfect for thin corneas and high prescriptions if the patient is a candidate.

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Affordable Prices

At Columbus Laser Vision, we want our Harrisburg and Philadelphia patients to clearly see the price of our treatment options. We charge $999 per eye for our traditional LASIK™ services, $1649 for Custom Wavefront Optimized LASIK™, and $2400 for our Wavefront Optimized laser surgery for eyes.

All-Inclusive LASIK Pricing For All Prescriptions

Our Lasik Center has included all the appointment costs, enhancement fees, and equipment use into one convenient payment. We want you to enjoy your experience with Columbus Laser Vision, so we constantly strive to make your visits more pleasant. We work with you to come up with an acceptable payment agreement that fits into your budget. We service people living in the Scranton, Reading, York, Lancaster, and Allentown areas at any of our Columbus Laser Vision offices.

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Experience You Can Trust

Dr. Columbus has been been performing laser vision correction for over 20 years since 1996. His innovative ideas and technologies have improved the vision of more than 10,000 patients in the Philadelphia area since he began working. His patients often resume normal activities in as little as one day depending on the procedure. Because Columbus Laser Vision only uses cutting edge technology, he can customize treatments for each patient. Eye correction surgery is serious business, but we make it a point to put you at ease with helpful staff and a superior level of quality. Our streamlined Lasik packages are molded to your unique needs giving you a result that you are satisfied with for decades to come. Columbus Laser Vision is an established local provider that is thrilled to provide you with exceptional care and service.

Multiple Services at All Centers

The office of Dr. Columbus is proud to serve the Harrisburg, Philadelphia, and Wilkes-Barre communities in Pennsylvania. Our offices are outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment and technically skilled staff who are friendly and helpful. We provide you with a comprehensive exam to identify your exact needs.

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Lasik eye surgery reviews from our customers have included things like high definition, unbelievable, and no contact lenses or glasses. Dr. Columbus was chosen the 2015 Parent’s Choice Award Winner and has been a licensed and FDA approved physician since 1996. Contact The Columbus Laser & Vision Institute at 1-866-600-3937 to schedule your LASIK Consultation. We offer online discounts and options to meet your needs.

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