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Personalize Your Wavefront
Lasik Surgery for your Exceptional Results

Wavefront Optimized Technology

Columbus Laser Vision is proud to introduce Wavefront Optimized technology.

Our Wavefront Optimized Lasik procedure involves using the natural curvature of the eye to create a customized reshaping that is specific to your eye shape. This surgery is performed with the Allegretto Wavelight™ laser, one of the most advanced pieces of optical technology on the Lasik eye surgery market.

Wavefront Optimized Lasik

People who are candidates for Lasik eye surgery Philadelphia may want to find out if they can benefit more from a Lasik Wavefront Optimized procedure.

Our Allegretto machinery provides a more complex Wavefront Optimized Lasik procedure that allows Dr. Columbus to customize his vision surgery to fit the normal curve of your eye. Some of the added benefits of this procedure include:

  • Crisper night vision
  • Reduced glare, especially at night and when exposed to bright lights
  • Fewer halos
wavefront lasik
wavefront optimized lasik

Advanced Wavefront Optimized Technology Provides Improved Results

Older Lasik technology leaves a bit of a lip on the surface of the cornea that can cause problems associated with night vision loss and halos. Our new Wavefront Optimized technology uses small bursts of power to correct the shape of the cornea in the periphery without changing the entire surface. Dr. Columbus can use the Allegretto Wavelight laser to flatten the cornea where leveling is needed to give you a crisper visual field. The advanced technology in the Wavefront Optimized procedure provides you with additional benefits compared to traditional Lasik eye surgery.

Customized Results

Wilkes-Barre, PA patients, can think of Lasik Wavefront Optimized surgery as a customized Lasik procedure for their eyes.This type of technology enhances the traditional benefits of basic Lasik surgery by giving the patient less change in the shape of the cornea which speeds up healing time. The advanced machinery allows Dr. Columbus to create a more personalized surgical plan for his patients. It also lets him maximize the benefits that his patients get because he is using cutting-edge technology and the latest Lasik eye surgery treatments.

Smaller Laser Beam

The Allegretto Wavelight Excimer Laser used for Wavefront Optimized Lasik laser surgery for eyes is one of the most advanced pieces of optical laser equipment on the market. This machine uses a 0.9mm diameter “flying spot” laser beam that is much smaller than older laser models. This equipment operates at 400 hertz allowing Dr. Columbus to provide quicker surgeries and more precise results compared to older Lasik technologies. This finer beam means that complications are reduced and healing time is much faster for Pennsylvania Lasik patients.

Eye Tracking Technology

Older Lasik machinery requires the surgeon to stop the procedure if a patient moves their eye during the procedure. The laser would then need to be centered before the surgery proceeds. The Allegretto Wavefront Optimized Excimer Laser tracks the movement of the pupil and continuously operates even when the eye is moved. This advanced equipment lets Dr. Columbus provide more beneficial treatment because there is no stopping and restarting during the surgery. This gives Wilkes-Barre, Harrisburg, and Philadelphia patients a more accurate result with fewer chances for complications.

Benefits of Wavefront Optimized Lasik Eye Surgery Philadelphia

  • Over 95 percent of patients achieve 20/20 vision
  • 50 to 75 percent of patients reach 20/15 visual acuity
  • Patients requiring a second procedure is reduced from 5%-10% with older traditional treatments to 2-5% with Wavefront Optimized lasers.
  • Fewer side effects
  • Fewer complications overall
  • Crisper vision
  • Better night vision results

Lasik Wavefront Optimized Laser

At Columbus Laser Vision, Dr. Columbus, and our staff are dedicated to providing you with the latest Lasik procedures with the most advanced technologies on the market. With more than 20,000 Lasik surgeries successfully performed, we know that we have the track record to give you permanent results that you can trust. Our staff will answer any questions you may have, and Dr. Columbus will give you a personal eye exam to let you know what treatment he believes is in your best interest. To find out more about our Lasik eye surgery or Wavefront Optimized Lasik procedures, give our office a call today at 866-600-3937. We are happy to schedule an appointment to help you decide what Lasik options are right for your vision today.